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Advertising Opportunities
Advertising Opportunities with EZ Solutions

At EZ Solutions, we can offer you both online and offline advertising opportunities.
Online Advertising Opportunities
▪ Online Advertising:

▪ Banner Ads

Following are the two options for banner ads:
▪ Standalone Banner Ad with an External Link to your Website
▪ Banner Ad with an Internal Link to a Full Page Ad with an External Link to your Website

▪ Article Advertising
▪ We can write an article describing your product or service as a compliment to our own products and services.
▪ It will be seamlessly integrated with the content of our site and will not appear as an advertisement.
▪ This will include a short profile of your business.
▪ You will also get an outbound link to your website.

▪ Features:
▪ Pay a flat weekly or monthly charge for unlimited impressions/clicks.
▪ No per click or per impression charge.
▪ You can provide us your banner/article or we can make one for an additional charge.
▪ Cost of the banner/article will depend upon the size and placement of the ad.
▪ Depending on the type of ad, we may be able to provide you with statistics about the number of impressions/clicks of your ad.

If your monthly online advertising budget is more than $500, please contact us.
Offline Advertising Opportunities
▪ Offline Advertising Options:

▪ Inserts:
▪ Black and white or full color inserts inside our books (maximum size 8 inches by 10 inches; maximum #60 paper stock).
▪ Black and white or full color inserts in our orders (maximum size 8.5 inches by 11 inches; maximum #60 paper stock).
Note: You can send us the inserts of we can print them for you for an additional charge.

▪ Imprints: ▪ Your ad will be imprinted on the inside of the front cover or the back cover. ▪ This can be in black and white or full color. ▪ Maximum imprint area is 8 inches by 10 inches. ▪ There will be a set up charge depending upon the type and size of your ad. Note: This requires a one time set up charge, which will be based upon the size and color of your ad.

▪ Features:
▪ You will pay a per flyer/impression cost.
▪ It may take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to complete your campaign based upon the number of flyers/impression you buy.

If your monthly offline advertising budget is more than $1,000, please contact us.
The Demographics
▪ Demographics of our website visitors or actual customers:

Reach a highly targeted audience with the following demographics:
▪ Average annual household income of $100,000
▪ 91% reside in the United States
▪ 57% males and 43% females
▪ 88% are employed full-time
▪ 98% have at least a college degree
*The above statistics is based upon data collected by web analytics partners and by orders placed directly with us, and does not include sales made through our distributors or retailers.

Cost Effective
▪ Cost Effective:
A first page Google sponsored link would cost you as much as $5 - $10 per click, while a banner ad on a major site could cost you even more. You will incur this astronomical high per click cost where the prospect will enter and exit your site within seconds. You can advertise on our website for a far less price than any other network and at the same time you'll be able to reach a highly targeted audience who is interested in your offerings. With an insert or imprint ad, your ad will remain in front of the highly targeted prospect for as long as they have our book with them. Most students sell their books after they take their test. This means there will be more than one owner of the book for the life of the book. Moreover, our books are being sold to many private and public libraries where thousands of students read our books.

▪ Important Note:
Please note that our website is not an advertising agency and that we are very selective in choosing what types of ads to display on our website. We will only approve ads which match the content and context of our products and services. For instance, we will not place ads for gummy bears because it doesn't relate to our offerings. However, we will place ads for student loans because it directly relates to our offerings. Please keep this in mind while contacting us for your advertising needs.

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