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Individualized Books

EZ Individual Books
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Individual Books
In order to excel on your test, it is important that you master each component of your test. That is why we have broken the entire test into different sections and each book focuses only on only one component. It is important to learn the art of tackling the questions you will see on the test; nevertheless, it is equally important to get a strong hold of the mathematical fundamentals and principles. Apparently it is not enough to only know the test taking strategies, you also need to have a solid knowledge of the math/verbal content, and know how to answer the verbal questions knowledgeably and solve the math problems mathematically. Each book is exclusively dedicated to the only one subject matter that applies to your test.
What’s Covered In Our Individual Books
In our individual books, you will learn everything related to Math/Verbal content that can be used on different types of questions throughout the test. Mastering the content of each of our books will not only improve your performance on the test, but will also make you a smarter and wiser test-taker. From our books, you will learn all the strategies and the content related to math/verbal questions, so that you can solve them quickly, correctly, and more efficiently. In fact, being able to answer different types of questions in different ways is one of the most important factors to succeed on the test.
What’s Not Covered In Our Individual Books
Our individual books do not cover any content other than the one specified in that book - to learn about different content areas, you must refer to the other books in the series.
Pre-Requisites For Our Book
There are no pre-requisites if you have our entire set of books. However, if studying from individual books, different books have different pre-requisites. For instance, the pre-requisite for some of our books is your thorough familiarity with all the principles and concepts covered in some of our other books in the series. Hence, when you go through some of our books, you are already expected to know some of the content covered in some of our other books in the series.
Related Modules For This Book
You will get the best out from our book if you use our books in conjunction with the all the other books in the series.
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