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Foreign Note

Foreign Students Note
EZ Solutions - Our products are applicable to foreign students all around the world
Note for Foreign Students
All EZ Solutions' books are designed, keeping in mind the unique needs of students from North and South America, U.K., Europe, Middle East, Far East, and Asia. Foreign students from countries around the world seeking to obtain education in the United States will find all the assistance they need in EZ Solutions publications.

Although the fundamentals of the three main test components, Math, Reading, and Writing are pretty much the same throughout the world, the standardized tests in the US use them in a slightly different manner. For this reason alone, students from other countries may need a little bit more insight into the US testing formats and standards.

We have taken special care of these issues faced by foreign students in all our books, which means if you are using our books, you will automatically develop an adaptability to the US testing norms. Just because you are a foreign student, you will not need any additional resources apart from using our books.

Many non-US colleges and universities in Europe and Asia are now accepting scores from the US standardized tests. Moreover, they are now following the same pattern and format for their own standardized tests.

If you are a foreign student and if you still have any question about any of our products, please feel free to contact us with any questions related to the foreign students issue and we will try our best to help you.

Note: If your question is related to test administration issues such as test registration, test cancellation, test regulations, test centers, etc., we recommend you directly contact the test administrators (such as ETS, GMAC, etc.).
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