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Accurate and Error Free
EZ Solutions - Our products are completely accurate and error free that you can trust
Our Books are Accurate and Error Free
Unlike other test prep books from other publishers (who have been publishing books for decades), which are inundated with errors, the new edition of all our books are 99.99 percent accurate and error free.

We understand how important it is to provide our valuable students with error-free books. We take this issue extremely seriously, and now, we can proudly claim that all our books in our latest edition/version are as accurate as humanly possible.

This means you can be assured that whatever you read and learn from our books has almost no errors. This is especially important in math books, where even one small error, such as a negative sign instead of a positive sign, or a 0 instead of a 1, can make a world of difference.

We have taken utmost care to ensure that there are no typographical or careless errors of any types in our books. We have a proficient team of proofreaders whose only job is to make sure there are no errors in our books.

If you still find any errors in any of our books, however, we encourage you to report them to us immediately so that we can take an appropriate action, if needed, in order to correct those errors in our subsequent print runs. We will get back to you within five business days to let you know if the error you reported is an actual error or just a misunderstanding on your part. We must specify that a vast majority of the errors reported to us in the past have been either a misunderstanding or misevaluation from a student, instead of actual errors. Regardless, if you find anything doubtful in any of our books, please report it to us. You may report any errors by filling out our contact us form.

Note: Errors and Inaccuracies: We are not responsible for any typographical errors or inaccuracies contained in this publication. The information, prices, and discounts given in this book are subject to change without prior notice. To report any kind of errors or inaccuracies in this publication, kindly email us at: errors@EZmethods.com.
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