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Green Initiatives

Green Initiatives
EZ Solutions - we are environmentally friendly
Making the Grass Greener on Both Sides
We try to keep the grass always greener where green business initiatives are concerned. We realize that new green business is necessary to help sustain a more promising planet.

We try our best to engage in green business practices to continue to pave the way through an environmentally-challenged planet. Since green business initiatives are still in their infancy stage, the opportunities for those early adopters who are now entering this market and are engaging in new green businesses are quickly becoming the explorers of a new frontier.
Planting Efforts
We have teamed up with American Forests to clean the air and sequester carbon through tree planting.

The focus of this new project is to offset the use of the paper used in our publications. We plan to plant enough trees to offset the total usage of pulp consumed by our products.

Global Climate Change is an issue that affects all of us on the Planet. The first step is to understand the issue and then consider taking steps to reduce and offset our actions.

According to Raja Surya, Founder of EZ Solutions, "Having success with socio-environmental initiatives is not an easy task. It takes a focused organization which realizes its responsibilities. It takes clear goals, strategies, plans, conscientiousness, and accountability. Most of all, it takes a vision to create a better everyday life for the generations to come."

Help EZ Solutions and American Forests plant trees to improve our environment! We support American Forests to restore forests and reduce pollution.

Donate $1 - Plant a tree! We will match your donation for the first 1,000 trees planted every month. You can donate online and click on "Plant Trees."
Frequently Asked Questions
Why trees? Trees and forests are a crucial part of the Earth's ecosystem. They are green machines that clean our air and water by absorbing pollutants and stabilizing soils.

Why are we interested in trees?
We are one of the emerging publishing houses in the country. Paper and board is a basic raw material used in most of our products. Ever since we started publishing books, we have been involved in business practices that minimize our impact to the environment. We are proud of our environmental progress toward sourcing our pulp from well managed forests.

What is our goal?
Our goal is to to continue to plant trees to reduce and offset the paper used in our publications and other business operations. We make an approximation of how many trees we need to plant each year in order to completely offset the annual usage of paper in our products.

Who is American Forests?
American Forests is the nation's oldest (501C3) non-profit conservation organization, founded in 1875. They are a world leader in tree planting for environmental restoration, a pioneer in the science and practice of urban forestry and a primary communicator of the benefits of trees and forests.

Where does American Forests plant EZ Solutions trees?
American Forests has planted over 20 million new trees in environmental restoration projects throughout North America and in many foreign lands. Our trees will be planted in current US projects that are helping alleviate many significant environmental problems from wildfire restoration, riparian tree planting to stabilize river banks to rebuilding wildlife habitat for birds and animals.

How do trees clean the air?
During photosynthesis, a tree "inhales" carbon dioxide (CO2) from the air then separates the carbon from the oxygen molecules. The carbon is absorbed by the tree and stored in its wood and roots and then the tree "exhales" pure oxygen back into the air for us to breathe. This process, called sequestration is how forests have always helped regulate the earth's atmospheric balance. Trees act as natural filters.

How do trees cool the globe?
Air pollution is a global problem that has local solutions. Burning fossil fuel adds pollutants including greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a by-product of burning fossil fuels. A substantial amount of atmospheric CO2 comes from automobile emissions. Carbon dioxide is one of the most powerful of the greenhouse gases and is the principle contributor to increased global warming. Trees absorb the CO2, store the carbon in their wood, roots and leaves then release the oxygen back into the atmosphere.

Where can I learn more about tree planting and its effects:
Visit americanforests.org for more information.
Other Green Initiatives
EZ Solutions – we are environmentally friendlyIn addition to planting trees for environmental restoration, we take several other green initiatives, such as the given below.

Packing Material:
-All of our packing material including pallets, packing boxes, tapes, adhesives, etc., are made using environment friendly and recycled material. -All our packing boxes are made from 100% recyclable cardboard.

The Paper that we use for our Books:
-We use environment-friendly paper containing a minimum of 25% post consumer fiber.
-Our paper is certified by the manufacturing mill and meeting the EPA recommended guidelines.
-All paper and board used is ECF and TCF - Elementally or Totally Chlorine Free - which is the kindest way to bleach the pulp.
-We use FSC Certified Paper, SFI Certified Paper, or paper containing an element of recycled fiber.

Minimum use of Chemicals:
-We run IPA - isopropyl alcohol-free on the printing press.
-The most environment friendly Pre-Press chemicals are used.
-The Pressroom uses Flint Group Forms ink, which utilizes soy oil due to its environmentally friendly nature. It also contains 20 to over 40% vegetable oil or a vegetable oil derivative, the utilization of replenishable vegetable oil, combined with low VOC nature of Flint Group inks meet both our performance demands and environmental responsibility.
-Our binders runs cool bind glue, eliminating the VOC's of traditional hot melt glue. It also melts 100 degrees lower, making it safer to work with.
-The case bindery uses protein-based glue for the compact line that is 100% recyclable.

Reduce and Recycle Waste:
-We recycle our unavoidable pre-production waste of paper and chemicals and will continue to seek ways to further reduce such waste.
-We segregate, re-use and recycle the waste unavoidably produced in our production processes and will continue to seek ways to further reduce such waste.
-Silver, film and spent aluminum printing plates are collected for recycling, as are spent chemicals.
-We have reusable supplies whenever possible.
-Direct-to-Plate removes the need for film and use of chemicals to develop film, helping reduce film and chemical waste.
-Left over ink is minimized by just-in-time ordering of custom colors and metallic. Licensed waste handlers recycle dried waste ink.
-Waste is segregated and collected for recycling by licensed contractors.
-Independently auditors assess us regularly for FSC and SFI to ensure we are doing everything as we should and continue to improve.

Energy Consumption:
-Equipment is chosen to be more efficient - faster setup and running speeds.
-All Prepress, Press, and Bindery equipment is regularly maintained to run at optimal efficiency.

Green Office:
-We re-use pressroom waste by cutting it down for label and office paper.
-We recycle printed office paper.
-Toner cartridges are reloaded and reused.
-Electronic equipment is recycled responsibly with a third party company.
-We recycle our used florescent bulbs.
-All photocopies are Energy Star rated and go into energy saver modes when not in use.
-We keep light off when areas of the office are not in use.

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