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Strategy vs Content
EZ Solutions: Leaders in Test Prep & Tutoring Solutions!
Strategies Separated From Content
What we have done in our modules is, separated the actual content-knowledge from the test-taking strategies. We truly believe that a test-prep program should be more than just a cheat-sheet of tricks, tips, and traps. The test you are preparing for is not a simple game that you can master by learning these quick tactics. What you really need to do well on your test is a program that builds true understanding and knowledge of the content.
Perfect Equilibrium Between Strategies and Content
In our modules, we have tried our best to present a truly unique equilibrium between two competing and challenging skills: test-taking strategies and comprehensive content-knowledge. We have blended the two most important ingredients that are essential for your success on your test. We have enhanced the old traditional approach to some of the most advanced forms of test-taking strategies. To top all this, we have refined our solved examples with detailed explanations to give you hands-on experience to real test-like questions before you take your actual test.

Other Books: Most of the other test-prep books primarily concentrate on teaching their readers how to guess and use the process of elimination, and they get so obsessed with the tactics that in the process they completely ignore the actual content. Majority of the content of these books consists of pages of guessing techniques.

EZ Books: With our EZ Content-Knowledge Modules, you will find 100% pure content that has a highly organized and structured approach to all the content areas, which actually teaches you the content you need to know to do well on your test. Therefore, if you are looking to learn more than just guessing by process of elimination, and if you are serious about developing your skills and confidence level for your exam, then our highly organized and structured test-prep modules is the solution. By studying our books, you will learn a systematic approach to any question that you may see on your test, and acquire the tools that will help you get there.

EZ Solutions publications are packed with important information, sophisticated strategies, useful tips, and extensive practice that the experts know will help you do your best on your test.

You should use whichever concept, fact, or tip from that section that you think is appropriate to answer the question correctly in the least possible time. If you have mastered the material in our review modules and strategy modules, you should be able to answer almost all (99.99%) of the questions.
Learn Backwards and Move Forward
Smart students are the ones who make an honest attempt to learn what they read, and also learn from their mistakes, but at the same time, who moves ahead. Therefore, you should learn backwards, that is, learn from your past experiences, and move forward, that is, keep moving ahead without looking back!
One Concept, EZ Multiple Methods
Our books often give you a choice of multiple methods of answering the same question - you can pick the method that seems easiest to you. Our goal is not to prescribe any hard-and-fast method for taking the test, but instead, to give you the flexibility and tools you can use to approach your test with confidence and optimism.
Strategies or Content
EZ Solutions: Leaders in Test Prep & Tutoring Solutions!Strategies or Content? In order to do well on your test, it is absolutely essential that you have a pretty good grasp of all the concepts laid out in our review modules. Our review modules contain everything you need to know, or must know to crack your test. They cover everything from basic arithmetic to logical reasoning, and everything in between. Nonetheless, that is not enough. You should be able to use these concepts in ways that may not be so familiar or well known to you. This is where our EZ Strategies kick in.

Content versus Strategies:

There is a succinct difference between knowing the math content and knowing the math strategies.

Hypothetically speaking, let us assume there is a student named Alex, who learns only the test-taking strategies; and there is another student named Andria, who learns only the math-content. Now when the test time comes, Andria who learns only the math-content is extremely likely to do a lot better than Alex, who learns only the test-taking strategies.

The truth is that someone who has the knowledge of all the math content, but does not know anything about the strategies, will almost always do better on the test than someone who knows all the strategies but does not know the content properly.

Now let us assume there is another student named Alexandria, who learns both, the test-taking strategies and the math-content. Yes, now we are talking! This student, Alexandria, who knows both the strategies and the content, is guaranteed to do a lot better than Alex, who only knows the strategies, or Andria who only knows the content.

This brings us to our conclusion on this topic: do not just study the strategies, or just the content; you need to know both simultaneously - the strategies and the content, in order to do well on your test. How quickly and accurately you can answer the math questions will depend on your knowledge of the content and the strategies, and that will have an overall effect on your success on the test.

Hence, the equation to succeed on your test is: Strategies + Content = Success!

We are confident that if you study our books on test-taking strategies along with our books on content-knowledge, you will have everything you possibly need to know in order to do well on your test, in fact, to ace your test, and come out with flying colors!

The good thing is that you made the smart decision to buy this book, or if you are reading this online, or in a bookstore, or in a library, you are going to buy one soon!
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