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Main Advantages

EZ Advantages
EZ Solutions: Leaders in Test Prep & Tutoring Solutions!
EZ Test-Prep Program Broken Into Modules
Instead of having a big fat ugly scary all-in-one gigantic book, we have broken our entire test-prep program into small easy-to-use modules.

Exclusivity: Each module is exclusively dedicated to covering one major content area in extensive depth and breadth, allowing you to master each topic by getting an in-depth review.

More Content: You will find many more topics and many more pages per topic than what you can find in all other books combined.

Tailored and Customized: Separated modules offer test-takers of all levels with a more tailored and customized approach towards building specific foundational and advanced skills, and successfully preparing for the test.
EZ to Read, Carry, and Manage
EZ Modules are convenient - they are easier to read, carry, and manage.

EZ to Read: EZ Modules are easier to read with text in spacious pages with a bigger font size than those other books with overcrowded pages with a small print.

EZ to Carry: EZ Modules are easier to carry and hold than those other big fat bulky gigantic books.

EZ to Manage: EZ Modules are overall easier to manage than those other all-in-one books.
Buy One Module of The Entire Series
The individually separated modules give you the flexibility to buy only those modules that cover the areas you think you need to work on; nevertheless, we strongly suggest you buy our entire series of modules. In fact, the most efficient and effective way to get the most out of our publications is to use our entire set of modules in conjunction with each other, and not just a few. Each module can be independently bought and studied; however, the modules are somehow connected with and complement the other modules. Therefore, if you are serious about getting a good score on your test, we sincerely recommend you purchase our entire series of modules. Contact us to order, or go to www.EZmethods.com, or check your local bookstore (look at the EZ Book Store on the last page for more information).
No Need to Refer to Nay Other Book
Almost all other test-prep books contain a small disclaimer in some corner. They themselves spell it out very loud and clear, and admit that their book is only a brief review of some important topics; hence, it should not be considered to be an overall review of all the concepts. Most other test-preparation guides only include information for you to get familiar with the kind of topics that may appear on the test, and they suggest that you refer to additional textbooks, or consult other reference books if you want more detailed information and to get an in-depth knowledge of all the concepts. These books are not designed to be a one-stop book to learn everything you must know; instead, they are more like a summary of some important points. Moreover, they assume that you already know everything, or at least most of the concepts.

However, if you are using our EZ modules to prepare for your test, it is the opposite case, you do not need to refer or consult any other book or text or any other source for assistance. On the contrary, we, in fact, discourage you from referring to any other book, just because there is absolutely no reason to. Our EZ modules contain everything that you need to know in order to do well on your test. We have not left anything out, and we do not assume anything. Even if you do not know anything, you will find everything in our modules from topics that are frequently tested to topics that are rarely tested, and everything in between. The only topics that you will not find in our books are the topics that will probably never appear on your test!

Frequently Tested: Included in our review - topics that are repeatedly tested on your test, on a regularly basis

Occasionally Tested: Included in our review - topics that are sometimes tested on your test, every now and then

Rarely Tested: Included in our review - topics that are seldom tested on your test, very infrequently

Never Tested: Not included in our review - since these topics are never tested on your test, we do not even mention them anywhere in our review

The bottom line is, if something can be on your test, you will find it in our modules; and if something is not going to be on your test, it is not going to be in our modules. Each and every math concept that even has the slightest possibility to be on the test can be found in our modules.
The Official Real Practice Tests
Although we do not suggest you refer to any other book, the only time we recommend using other books is for practicing previously administered tests to exercise your skills. The best resources for actual practice tests are the official guides published by the test makers that have several actual previously administered tests. One can replicate these tests as closely as one can, but no one other than the test administrators can duplicate them, and have the ability to reproduce or publish them. Therefore, to get the maximum effect of our approach, you must practice the actual tests from the official guide. You can also take a free online practice test by going to their website. EZ practice tests are also based upon the most recently administered tests, and include every type of question that can be expected on the actual exam.

Disclaimer: Throughout this book, you may sometimes find repetitive information. The reason for this redundancy is that we often need to emphasize and sometimes re-emphasize a few concepts and rules over-and-over again, and that too at the right places at the right time, to ensure you understand them, and are able to apply them correctly.
How Our Books Can Help You
Our books are designed to help you identify your strengths and the areas which you need to work on. If you study all our modules, you will be fully equipped with all the tools needed to take your test head-on. Moreover, you will also have the satisfaction that you did all you possibly could do to prepare yourself for the test, and you did not leave any stone unturned. The amount of content covered in our books is far more than what you would learn by studying all the other test-prep books that are out there, put together, or by even taking an online or an actual prep course, and of course, spending thousands of dollars in the process. This will give you an idea of how material we have covered in our books.
Structure of Our Modules
All our modules are structured in a highly organized and systematic manner. The review is divided into different modules. Each module is divided into units. Each unit is further subdivided into chapters. Each chapter covers various topics, and in each specific topic, you are given all that you need to solve questions on that topic in detail - explaining key concepts, rules, and other EZ unique features. Also included in some topics are test-taking strategies specific to the topics discussed. Following each topic are solved sample examples with comprehensive explanations, which are exclusively based on that topic, and utilizing the concepts covered in that topic and section. Finally, there are practice exercises with thorough explanations containing real test-like questions for each topic and section, which are very similar to actual test questions. All units, chapters, and topics are chronologically numbered for easy reference.

Moreover, the modules, units, chapters, and topics are all arranged in sequence so that later modules, units, chapters, and topics assume familiarity with the material covered in earlier modules, units, chapters, and topics. Therefore, the best way to review is to work through from the beginning to the end.

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