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Key Benefits

Key Benefits
EZ Solutions - Some of the key benefits of our products
Key Benefits of our Products
Key Benefits of our Products:
▪ Explore your potential so that you can perform at your optimum level.
▪ Our commitment towards your satisfaction: reinventing, redesigning, redefining success.
▪ Our books will stimulate, activate, and accelerate your learning process.
▪ Everything is highly structured and organized in a systematic manner.
▪ Many more solved examples and practice exercise questions with detailed explanations.
▪ Remarkable and noticeable improvement in your performance by utilizing newly acquired learning skills.

Key Benefits of our ProductsKey Benefits of our Math Books
Key Benefits of our Math Books:

Thorough Review of Key Mathematical Concepts:
A thorough review of all key content areas, including but not limited to – Basic Arithmetic, Fractions & Decimals, Percents, Ratio & Proportions, Algebra, Geometry, Data Interpretation, Logical Thinking, Probability, and other Word Problems.

User-Friendly Step-by-Step Methodology:
A user-friendly step-by-step and easy-to-understand methodology that adapts to your understanding and needs.
Test-Taking Strategies & Problem-Solving Skills:

Specific test-taking strategies & problem-solving short-cuts for various mathematical concepts & operations.
Application of Mathematical Principles:
Application of mathematical principles to real world examples from school, work, and even entertainment.

Summary of Important Concepts:
Complete summary of all the important mathematical concepts and formulas in an easy to understand manner.

Solved Examples and Practice Materials:
Enough solved examples, and practice material for every mathematical concept with easy to understand explanations.

Key Benefits of our English Books
Key Benefits of our English Books:

Read Faster & Write Right:
This workshop focuses on increasing comprehension ability & technical reading/writing skills, as well as teaches you how to read faster & write better.

Step-by-Step Reading Comprehension Strategies:
Read the passages at a fast-speed, and be able to comprehend it at the same time - extracting main idea, tone, inference, purpose, support, fact vs. opinion, organization, summarization, recall, and cause/effect questions.

Speed Reading:
Improve your reading speed, and be able to comprehend the material at the same speed - techniques for increasing comprehension ability, note-taking, retention of material, etc.

Writing Composition:
Write better essays, letters, papers, memos, proposals, etc. - useful rules for writing better and correct paragraphs and sentences, wordiness and conciseness, sentence structure skills, fragments, run-on sentence, etc.

Effective Essay Writing:
All the essentials of effective essay writing - pre-writing/planning, organization, drafting, introduction, supporting paragraphs, conclusion, tone, paraphrase, summarization, critical review, common writing errors, proofreading, etc.

Integration of Relationship between Effective Reading and Efficient Writing:
Our books integrate the interrelationship between Effective Reading and Efficient Writing.

Thorough Review of Grammar:
Learn all the important Grammar Rules - including Parts of Speech, Figure of Speech, Parts of Word, Punctuation, Subject-Verb Agreement, etc.

Vocabulary Enhancer:
Enhance your vocabulary skills - learn meaning of key words, pronunciation, definitions, antonyms, synonyms, homonyms, homophones, similar sounds - different meaning words, one word - multiple meaning words, connotation & denotation, figure of speech, prefixes, root words, suffixes, etc.

Improve your spelling skills - conquer commonly misspelled words, spelling rules, etc.

Most Efficient and Effective Program:
Our books are the best, fastest, easiest, most efficient and most effective Reading Comprehension and Writing Composition Program.

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