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Unique Features

EZ Unique Features
EZ Solutions: Leaders in Test Prep & Tutoring Solutions!
Unique Features
Your EZ Tutor offers you the following unique features that will highlight important information, and will let you find them quickly as and when you need to review them.

EZ Strategies: It provides you with many powerful, effective, proven, and time tested strategies for various concepts, and shows you exactly how to use them to attack different question types. Many of these test-taking strategies cannot be found in any other books!

EZ Shortcuts: It gives you many time-saving shortcuts you can apply to save yourself some very valuable testing-time while solving a question on your actual test.

EZ Tactics: It shows you several important tactics to use so that you can solve problems in the smartest way.

EZ Definitions: It defines all the key definitions in an easy to understand manner so that you get a clear description and concise understanding of all the key terms.

EZ Rules: It presents all the important rules in an orderly manner so that you can learn the basic rules of all the concepts.

EZ Steps: It walks you through hundreds of concepts, showing you how to tackle every question type in an organized user-friendly step-by-step easy-to-understand methodology that adapts to your understanding and needs so that you get the best procedural knowledge.

EZ Multiple/Alternate Methods: It gives you a choice of multiple methods of answering the same question so that you can choose the method that seems easiest to you.

EZ Summaries: It lists a complete summary of all the important concepts in an ordered and organized manner so that you will never have to hunt for them.

EZ Facts: It provides you with numerous key facts about various principles so that you know all the facts-and-figures of the material you are reviewing.

EZ Hints: It supplies you with innumerable hints and clues so that you can use them to become a smarter and wiser test-taker.

EZ Tips: It also presents you with many tips and pointers that will prevent you from making any careless mistakes or falling into traps.

EZ Notes: It reminds you to make notes of some important points that will come handy while answering a question.

EZ Warnings/Cautions: It warns you of some obvious mistakes that will prevent you from making them while answering a question.

EZ Exceptions: It makes you aware of the exceptions and exclusions that apply to any particular rule.

EZ References: It gives you references of related materials that you may want to refer to in other parts of the same or different modules, while learning a specific concept.

EZ Spots: It lists buzzwords and phrases that will help you easily spot some specific question types.

EZ Problems Set-Up: It converts even some of the most complex problems into an easy to understand mathematical statement so that you understand accurately how to interpret the problems.

EZ Problem Explanations: It provides easy to understand explanations within square brackets for each step of the problem so that you know exactly what you need to do in each step.

EZ Solved Examples: It also throws several realistic solved examples with easy to understand detailed explanations for each and every question type explained so that you can understand and learn how to apply the concepts.

EZ Practice Exercises: Last but not the least; it also includes intensive realistic practice exercises with easy to understand detailed explanations for each and every question type explained so that you can put to practice what you learned in an actual test question – solved examples will help you understand the concepts & practice will make you perfect!

Guess what!! No other book offers you so much. Your EZ tutor strives to provide you with the best possible training for your test, and best value for your time and money; and it is infinitely committed to providing you with state-of-the-art material.

Advantages: Amazing results in the first few days of the program!

Disadvantages: Only if you do not make use of our programs and publications!
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