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Alternate Approach

Alternate Approach to Test Prep
EZ Solutions - We are the best alternate approach to expensive test prep courses
The Alternate Approach to Test Prep
Our EZ Solutions series of test prep books is a better alternative or rather substitute for the pricey classroom test prep courses, online test prep courses, video instructions, and private tutoring.
More Economical
Our series of books is a superior and more affordable alternative to traditional test prep courses and private tutoring. Our books are even more effective than some of the modern online video lessons and interactive software. If you add up all the direct costs (such as fees, books, etc.) of any type of test-prep course or tutoring, you may end up spending $500 to $5,000 or may be even more when you factor in the indirect costs (such as transportation, travel time, etc.) involved. With our books, you can get a better product at a fraction of the cost.
More Value for Money
With our books you'll learn at least five times more than you'd if you take a prep-course/tutoring. In the process, you'll pay less than one-fifth the average cost of a prep-course/tutoring. This means you'll get 25 times more value for your money. Now you do the math and figure which one is a better option.
More Convenient
You won't have to go through any inconveniences such as travel to another location, spend time and money in traveling, etc. With our books, you don't have to move even an inch as everything you'll need will be at your fingertips right on your desk. All you'll have to do is use our product when and wherever you want. This is what we call - convenience at its best.
More Flexible
Since our series of books are broken into small units, you can buy only the books that you want without having to invest in the entire series. You'll also have the ability to tackle the test in small parts as opposed to getting overwhelmed by dealing with the whole test all at once. We do recommend, however, getting the entire series for optimal preparation. All this will make your test pre journey very flexible.
More Detailed
We can assure that if you have our entire series of books, you'll learn a lot more than what you would in a prep course. We have covered every single concept that has a potential to appear on the test you are preparing for. Not a bit more, not a bit less. If you have our entire set of books, you'll cover every topic that's within the scope of the test. There is absolutely no other book in the market that is more detailed than ours.
Need We Say More
Still not convinced that our set of books is a more economical, more convenient, more flexible, and more detailed alternative to other test prep options? If so, please read this page again and we're sure you'll catch the obvious differences.
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